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Virgin Rule #56

The “I love you” power play.

This is not a phrase that is supposed to be thrown around.  However, sometimes if someone says it to you, you feel you have to say it back.  You don’t have to say it back if that’s not how you feel.  There is such a thing as extreme like.  Being in extreme like is not the same being in love.  There also is this misconception that if someone says “I love you” it means it’s okay to sleep with them.  It’s a misconception for a reason.  Cause guess what?!  As fast as they say “I love you”, they can say “Let’s break up” or “I’m not really ready to think about marriage” or “I’m not that into you”, etc. the list  of excuses could wrap around the earth.  I’m just saying.



"The prettiest flower is the flower that blooms in adversity." -Mulan

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